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Best ideas for playing and customizing Jenga® GIANT™

Your Jenga® GIANT™ game in Grammar class: the fun way to improve your speech

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As teachers, parents, and even speech therapists, we sometimes have a hard time teaching and practicing the different areas of a language, especially when it comes to grammar. Grammar has several intrinsic concepts that can generate confusion and require frequent practice. It is a tough subject to master, encompassing verb conjugation, prepositions, pronunciation, and sentence structure. Your Jenga® GIANT™ game is the perfect addition to make this subject a fun learning experience for your students or children. Not only can children benefit from learning these concepts, but adults can too by refreshing and putting them into practice. By adding your Jenga® GIANT™ game, you canbreak away from the notion that grammar needs to be learned in a tedious repetitive way and, instead, improve your speech in a fun way.

Discover 5 ways to use your Jenga® GIANT™ game in Grammar class as a fun way to improve your speech

Use your Jenga® GIANT™ game in grammar class as a fun way to improve your speech and practice your grammar concepts.

1. Your Jenga® GIANT™ game and phonetics

Pronunciation is very important when learning to improve your speech. Each word has sounds based on its letters and letter combinations. This is known as phonetics. Your Jenga® GIANT™ game is the perfect tool to learn the different sounds that letters can make. Using a Genuine Chalk Ink® Wet Wipe Marker, you can write the target sounds on the ends of the blocks. The game rules stay the same, but with each block removed from the tower, your student or child has to say a word using that target sound. For example, if the target sound is /u:/, the words can be “food,” “too,” or “shoot.” Learning phonetics has never been this entertaining!

2. Your Jenga® GIANT™ game and prepositions

There are eight types of prepositions one learns in English grammar. These prepositions are easier to learn when put into practice, and your Jenga® GIANT™ game is the perfect way to do this. Paint your Jenga® GIANT™ game blocks with 6-8 different colors. Then, your students have to direct others to find the loose pieces using prepositions. For example, one student can direct another to find the loose piece beside the blue block and under the yellow one. It is a great way to practice the different types of prepositions while keeping the tower from crashing. Anticipation builds to a crashing climax!

3. Your Jenga® GIANT™ game and verb tenses

The beauty of playing with your Jenga® GIANT™ game in Grammar class is that you can customize it to learn different concepts. Number the ends of the blocks using a Genuine Chalk Ink® Wet Wipe Marker, then write different verbs and tenses on a numbered list. You will have 54 different verbs and verb tenses, one per block. Once someone takes out a block, use your list to ask for the verb tense of the verb you previously numbered. You can even make it more challenging by just asking for the verb tense and letting the person chose the verb they deem appropriate. It’s your move!

4. Your Jenga® GIANT™ game and grammar concepts

Learning grammar concepts is a big part of improving your speech. Vocabulary helps you to understand and communicate effectively with others. Using your Jenga® GIANT™ game to learn different concepts can help you increase your vocabulary and improve your speech. You can add different adjectives, nouns, pronouns, conjunctions, and adverbs to the sides of your blocks and ask students to define the concept or make sentences using them. Improving speech is a complex task that can be made easier and more fun by adding your Jenga® GIANT™ game.

5. Your Jenga® GIANT™ game and sentence structure

Grammar and speech are all about how you structure the above-mentioned concepts. Understanding that an adjective is usually placed before a noun is important for correct language use. Paint your Jenga® GIANT™ game blocks with 4 colors, one for each type of sentence (simple sentence, compound sentence, complex sentence and compound-complex sentence). Ask the student to create a sentence according to the color they have removed from the tower. Learning sentence structure has never been this fun!

Your Jenga® GIANT™ game is the perfect addition to your Grammar class! Discover our giant Jenga® games at Choose the different grammar areas you need to improve your speech, then add your Jenga® GIANT™ game to start the process in a fun and interactive way. Let’s make grammar fun!

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